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Cooperation for the Cure

January 27, 2012

Cooperation for the Cure

The Fund Forum hosted a training session led by Donna Sanderson, a representative of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation, as part of the collaboration agreement recently signed by the two organizations. The event was dedicated to the upcoming charity marathon to be held in Tashkent. Sanderson talked about their foundation’s extensive experience in fighting against breast cancer and organizing the Race for the Cure in various countries.

The training session was an opportunity for the participants – members of “In the Name of Life” National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Women’s Council and the Fund Forum – to discuss issues and plans to step up the annual Tashkent marathon, to exchange opinions, to map out plans for further cooperation and to generate new ideas in increasing the number of marathon participants.

Cooperation for the Cure Cooperation for the Cure

The participants learned that the products and T-shirts produced for a G. Komen Race for the Cure organized in each country has its own design and proceeds from the sale of these products go toward purchasing drugs and organizing free diagnostics for women. Particular emphasis was made on the need to raising public awareness about charity events using ads and online resources such as websites of the organizers and social networks.

Donna Sanderson, international ambassador of Susan G. Komen for the Cure (USA):

Donna Sanderson, international ambassador of Susan G. Komen for the Cure (USA)

- “Our organization is the global leader of the breast cancer movement. We organize the Race for the Cure every year in various countries. We recently signed a collaboration agreement with “In the Name of Life” Breast Cancer Association in Uzbekistan. I’m convinced that our collaboration will be successful and fruitful because we pursue shared goals such as raising breast cancer awareness, reducing the number of deaths caused by breast cancer and telling people about the importance of early detection. In April- May this year we’re planning to put on a marathon in conjunction with the National Association and to discuss further cooperation in this area. I have worked with a number of breast cancer organizations across the world and I’d like to note the effective and tremendous work carried out by the Association. Uzbekistan already has considerable experience in organizing charity marathons and other events addressing breast cancer, and I think this experience will be useful for other countries as well.”

Uzbekistan is the first country in Central Asia to have signed a collaboration agreement with Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the 14th country where the Foundation will collaborate in organizing a marathon. The marathon gave itself the goal of raising breast cancer awareness and emphasizing the need for early diagnostics and to provide material and moral support for women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. The proceeds from the marathon go toward organizing free diagnostics and purchasing the necessary medication for breast cancer patients.

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