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“CNUHH is Savior of my life!” Breast Cancer Patient, Marina from Uzbekistan

Date: 2012-03-02

“CNUHH is Savior of my life!” Breast Cancer Patient, Marina from Uzbekistan

Prof. Jung-Han Yoon performed breast surgery in the operating room at Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital (CNUHH) on the 22nd of February. The patient was Marina Kurmanbaeva (46 years old) from Uzbekistan. She is pretty lucky to have the benefit of ‘Nanum Medical Service`, which is one of ‘Nanum Medical Project` affiliated with Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, Fund Forum in Uzbekistan, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), and CNUHH. She smiled brightly after surgery, saying “I`m very satisfied with surgery.”

Shakhnoza Umarova (Director of the National Breast Cancer Association of Uzbekistan), Tamarakhon Aripova (Director of the Immunology Institute of the Academy of Science of Republic of Uzbekistan), delegations from Fund Forum, and broadcasting operator from NTT Channel at the National Association of Electronic Mass Media of Uzbekistan observed the surgery on the spot. They praised highly on the surgery, saying “In general, we just imagined that breast cancer surgery would have been very messy with blood and impure body tissues on the operating table. However, we were so amazed that the surgery was performed within the perfectly sterile field and the medical team completed their work with great speed. It is the Art of Medicine.”

The person working at Endocrine Surgery Clinic of CNUHH added, “Dr. Jung-Han Yoon has the great advantage in that his treatment for breast cancer is One-Stop service. He, by himself, does the series of medical procedure, like diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, regular follow-ups, and treatment for relapse. In case of other hospitals in Korea, patients would be confused by seeing several different doctors during their treatments. However, Dr. Yoon gives an advice to his patients, seeking advices from other medical staffs. It makes patients feel secured and increases recovery rate.”

In the case of Dr. Yoon`s medical practice, the issue of professionalism could be raised. Dr. Yoon has been writing over 1,500 papers on breast cancer since 1989 and he has over 3,000 surgery records individually. This is the best experience and knowledge in Korea and the number of breast cancer surgery of CNUHH holds the unequaled record in Jeollanam-do and Chungchung-do area…

Dr. Yoon is so busy with patients who want to see him in the clinic and he barely makes the time for the interview. One member of the staffs says, “He is the perfect example of having a calling for his work”, adding “I expect that he would play a key role in sublimating Korea`s breast cancer surgical technique in the world-class level.”


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