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“In the Name of Life” National Breast Cancer Association

Established in February, 2010

“In the Name of Life” National Breast Cancer Association

The Association was established as part of the Programme of Prevention, Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer and Rehabilitation of Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, adopted during the round-table “Joining Forces to Address Breast Cancer and Other Cancerous Diseases”. The round-table was organized by the Women`s Council Public Association, “In the Name of Life” Association of Women, EUROPA DONNA-Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Health and the Social Initiative Support Fund (SISF).

The goal of the Association is to step up, through efforts by specialists and general public, the process of broadening the opportunities for prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer and other cancerous diseases affecting the female reproductive system, and to improve medico-social and psychological support.

The Association`s primary activities:

Professional consolidation:

  • provide assistance to breast care and cancer specialists;
  • foster international professional ties and humanitarian contacts;
  • boost local specialists` professional skills, educate on modern trends and innovations in cancer care and breast care (conferences, round-tables, forums, master classes, etc);
  • run social, professional and scientific programmes and projects addressing cancer problems affecting women.

Work with the population:

  • organize social campaigns with the participation of local and foreign breast and cancer specialists focusing on prevention and early detection of breast cancer for women living in all regions of the republic;
  • raise population awareness related to the prevention, early detection and treatment of breast cancer and other cancerous diseases affecting women.

Support women diagnosed with breast cancer:

  • post-surgery medical and social rehabilitation;
  • create conditions to ensure provision of free or lower-cost medication;
  • patient advocacy: protecting the rights and interests of women diagnosed with breast cancer and other cancerous diseases of the female reproductive system;
  • provide consultation by psychologists and breast care specialists.

Improvement of infrastructure:

  • contribute to the setting up of production of items for women who underwent surgeries (prostheses, special linen, etc);
  • contribute to the improvement of facilities in medical establishments geared for female cancer treatment;
  • help medical establishments acquire innovative medical and biological equipment.

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