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«Kelajak ovozi» Youth Initiatives Centre (YIC)

Established in March, 2006

Kelajak ovozi Youth Initiatives Centre (YIC)

«Kelajak ovozi» Youth Initiatives Centre was founded by winners of various youth projects of the Fund Forum in March, 2006 and became one of the leading youth organizations in Uzbekistan. A uniqueness of the Centre is that initiatives and projects of young people are created and implemented by participants themselves.

The Centre works in the separate directions developed by its active participants:

  • Education;
  • Culture and arts;
  • Youth press centre;
  • Support of youth initiatives;
  • Association of intellectual clubs;
  • Information technologies
  • and also international youth cooperation.

In April, 2007 the Resource centre «Kelajak ovozi» Youth Initiatives Centre was opened which includes spacious library with the latest samples of scientific literature and fiction, and internet club for students are functioning as well. All conditions for holding the youth events are offered here: both large-scaled actions and daily activity of YIC students.

Since 2008, a number of organizations operate under the YIC, including:

Now YIC has a network of the Centers in all regions of the Republic which unite thousands of active young people. The Youth Initiatives Center regularly holds youth educational camp, videoconferences, seminars and trainings, youth social actions and other interesting programs and events in Tashkent and regions.

«Kelajak ovozi» Youth Initiatives Center
Address: 2, Mustaqillik square, Tashkent, 100078, Uzbekistan
Tel./fax: (+998 71) 233 78 10
Tel.: (+998 71) 233 26 91
E-mail: [email protected]

«Kelajak ovozi» Training Center
Address: 3, Pakhtakor str., Tashkent, 100011, Uzbekistan
Tel./fax: (+998 71) 241 08 33
Tel.: (+998 71) 241 08 83

The Resource Centre of the «Kelajak ovozi» YIC
Address: «Yoshlik» campus, Sobir Rahimov distr., Tashkent, 100174, Uzbekistan
Tel.: (+998 71) 246-71-98

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