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Children`s Creativity Centers Network

Children`s Creativity Centers Network

Since 2004 the Fund Forum has been the founder of a network of the Children`s Creativity Centers in Tashkent and regions. Today there have been opened two Centers in Tashkent and one in Samarkand where more than 2000 children are being trained in computer literacy, actor`s skill, drawing, needlework, singing, dances, chess and others. Similar establishments are prepared for opening in other cities of Uzbekistan.

The centers urged to acquaint the rising generation with cultural values of the Uzbek people, preservation of ancient traditions and secrets of various kinds of the national applied arts, revealing and support of young talents. Here the special events and competitions for children, children`s chess tournament among centers are organized on the regular basis.

Young talents of the Centers participate in the international projects with the assistance of the Foundation. For example, students of the “Yangi Avlod Forumi” Children`s Creativity Center (The Forum of Young Generation) took part in the international theatrical project "Class - Act" in Russia, as a result of which the performance created by them has been staged on the well-known Moscow theatre "Sovremennik". And the best drawings of children from Samarkand and Tashkent centers were presented in Japan at the exhibition “Japan - through eyes of children of Uzbekistan”, at the photo exhibition “Uzbekistan - Through the Eyes of Children” at the Royal College of Art in London, at the exhibition of postcard pictures “World Etagami Show - Olympics-2008” and the 4th International Exhibition of children`s creativity “World in Harmony Granting Love – 2008” in Beijing, “Children`s Dreams” Exhibition in Berlin (Germany) and others.

Center of Arts and Children`s Creativity - Samarkand
Established in December 2004
Address: 63, Jomiy str., Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Tel.: (8 3662) 22 23 14

«Eski shakhar» Center of Children`s creativity - Tashkent
Established in September 2006
Address: 101, Uygur str., Shayhontohur distr., Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Tel.: (998 71) 2130288; (998 71) 213 02 92

«Yangi Avlod Forumi» Children`s Creativity Center - Tashkent
Established in February, 2007
Address: 69, Pushkin str., Mirzo-Ulugbek distr., Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Tel.: (998 71) 1375280; (998 71 137 18 82

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